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Ever since Karl Drais invented the bicycle, people have  been
bothered by having wet thighs after rainy bike rides. Now, 200 years later, the solution is here.

Who, what and where

After enjoying sunny bike rides to university for the first two weeks after moving here, I got my first taste of Copenhagen’s frequent tendency to serve its inhabitants with rain. The front of my thighs were completely drenched. This was never a problem on the bus in Norway! The unpleasant feeling of having soaked pants surely is something the bike-crazy Danes must have a better solution to than rain pants, which I thought was too bothersome. Arriving at school, it was apparent that this was not the case. Some had rain pants but most just put up with the dissatisfaction. There must be a simpler and more bearable solution, and surely it would be of interest for others! It should be simple and quick to put on and take off, preferably inconspicuous, and it should just cover the front of the thighs, which would make it small and handy. In December 2017, equipped with a sewing machine, good faith, and some beers (maybe that’s where the good faith came from), we were three friends who decided to create this product in a basement in Copenhagen. We called it DryThighs and now we ship all over Europe!




Polyethylene terephthalate is commonly used in these types of products because of its robustness


The inside of our fabric has three coatings of Polyurethane to secure its waterproof capabilities


The team behind

Magne Fonseca



Henrik Nordby